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Rina Hoshino approaches every performance with passion, emotion, and vigor. Each service reflects her unique style and talents, and if hired as an on-screen actress or for voiceover you can expect the utmost professionalism and dedication seen in every single endeavor.



Detective Pikachu: 20 Pokémon Secrets You Missed

The voice of Mewtwo in Detective Pikachu is provided by not one actor, but two: Rina Hoshino and Kotaro Watanabe. By combining not only two different voices, but one male and one female, Mewtwo speaks with more depth and internal identity than any normal character, human or Pokémon. The change from the animated show and films may not be to every fan's liking, but you can't argue with the eerie results.


2021年度 Cinematic Tokyo部門 優秀賞 / 東京都知事賞


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REVIEW: ‘And Then’ (2021) is a Beautifully Unsettled Musing on Love

And Then is a story of art, chance encounters and whirlwind romance. Set amidst the unsleeping city of Tokyo, we follow restless artist Mana (Erika Ishii) and country girl Haru (Rina Hoshino) as they drift in and out of each other’s orbits in a bittersweet love affair.


Nikkan Sun I Los Angelesの顔

◆李奈さんは、先月、全米と日本で公開された映画『Pokémon Detective Pikachu』(邦題『名探偵ピカチュウ』)に登場するポケモン「ミュウツー MEWTWO」の声を演じています。大人気の最強ポケモン「ミュウツー」を演じることが決まった瞬間は、どんな気持ちだったでしょうか。



Shoutout LA I Meet Rina Hoshino: Actress And Voice-Over Artist

Taking risks… It’s sometimes excruciatingly daunting and… scary. Who wants to take the road less traveled, right? But, how do you grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally without embarrassing yourself, without taking risks, without committing to see if you have what it takes… because you know deep down yourself that you deserve more in life?

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